The tank has the capacity of about 1 liter of water and allows to produce up to 14 coffee without a subsequent filling.

The heating power is 1000W, consisting of two armored resistors. One of the two, the smallest, is used to keep the machine always ready for use.

The machine is provided with two safety valves, a vent continuous and the other calibrated for pressures of emergency. The operating pressure is very low (0.4 atm.) And therefore not dangerous.



a) Unscrew the handwheel (1) and then remove the lid (3). Put water in the tank, taking into account that the notches (4) existing on the pin fixed to the center of the tank to indicate what level of water must reach for the quantity of coffee that you want. The first notch, starting from the bottom, the water level is required for two to three cups. Each notch corresponds to two cups in more and so on.

b) Place the lid (3) by observing that the edge of it engages in the housing and tighten the handwheel

c ) Insert the plug (10) of the cord coming out of the machine into a power socket corresponding to the voltage of the machine. Put the switch on the left side of the base in the on position (red) and the one on the right side (9) in the MAX position

d) While the machine is warming, brew coffee freshly ground if possible with electric grinder , set to the correct degree of pulverization

e) When one of the two valves (2 ) located on the lid begins to exit steam , put the switch (9 ) located on the right side of the base, in the MIN position . in this way the machine is hot and active until there is water

f) Remove by unscrewing the filter holder (7) fitted with a handle and containing the filter . Make sure that the holes in the filter are clean ; Otherwise, wash the filter with water and beat him upside down on a table. The machine is equipped with two filters : for one and two coffee

g ) Put in the filter holder ( 7) a filter basket by one or two cups of coffee . Put in the filter one or two doses of coffee using the special measuring cup filled with ground coffee to shim without compressing . Each measure of coffee corresponds to a dose

h ) Press the powder in the filter with the appropriate tamper (11)

i) Engage the filter holder (7 ) into the machine and tighten to the right

j ) Lower the bottom lever ( 5 ) keeping it stops in the final position for 5-10 seconds and then leave her to herself until it comes to the initial position. Repeat as many times as needed to fill the cups

k) You must not remove the filter holder ( 7 ) until the water dripping from the spout

l) During the production of coffee, the minimum water level is available observed through the transparent window (6) , bearing in mind that when starts the level visibility into that glass , there is still water in the machine for about 2-3 cups of coffee

m) Having to be filled with water when the machine is hot , slowly loosen the upper hand wheel ( 1) to leave the residual pressure to escape , then unscrew and remove the lid ( 3 )




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