from 1905 machines for coffee





With the Europiccola an excellent coffee also at home. Ready in minutes. Strong or as light as you like. Coffee cream "delivered" as the bar. The Europiccola, jewel for the home, practical and manageable, always a good coffee ready!










a) Fill the machine with drinking water for 2 / 3 of its capacity (2).
b) Insert the plug and make sure that everything is closed (lid (2) and tap steam (3)), then move on "maximum" (6).
c)  When the safety valve (4) emits steam, move the switch on the "minimum" (6).
d) Heat the port filter (5) filling of two cups warm water.
e) Put one or two doses of coffee filter suitable, enter the holder filter and raise the handle (1) keeping the upper seconds, lower it and repeat the operation depending on the desired quantity of coffee in the cup.
f) When the handle does not offer more resistance means that there is more water.
BEFORE YOU LEAVE refill THE FULL STEAM rein, opening the TAP STEAM (3).
g) To have the largest steam can turn on "maximum" (6)
h) Do not operate the machine without water because it causes damage to the resistance. ALWAYS CHECK THE LEVEL THROUGH THE PRESENCE OF WATER IN BOILER.



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