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The shower plate for Faemina is not longer available, neither original nor suitable.

If the shower plate is missing, damaged or worn, we must find an alternative solution


the shower on the left is worn, the holes are bigger than expected and the water in the kettle becomes quickly dirty


the shower plate is missing


First solution: make a replica

1 - take a shower plate or a large filter basket

2 - remove the excess part

3 - beat with a tip and a hammer the edge around the sleeve


as tip I recommend use a shower plate Pavoni Europiccola new group (millenium type)

if you use a large double filter basket, the inner surface of the filter should be used as the outside of the new shower


Second solution: modify the brass sleeve

1 - take a shower plate Pavoni new group (millenium type)

2 - with a lathe reduce the outer diameter enough to insert the shower plate






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