v.1.0 - july 1978


The Eurobar model is a machine for household, but with professional features.



the boiler is derived directly from the professional model, the group is screwed on the front panel and connected to the boiler by a copper pipe

furthermore there are 4 pipes for connecting the pressure gauge, the sight glass level, the steam tap and the hot water tap


The condition of the machine were good and disassembly revealed no surprises, just the c-clip was completely rusted


the heating element is particular, screwed directly on the boiler and the thermal fuse is housed in a cavity of the heating element

a peculiarity of the holder filter is given by the double threaded connector (10mm and 12mm) allowing the mounting of the same handle of the lever

an interesting accessory to be screwed in place of the boiler cap, allows to use the mains water.


Ultimately it is a machine very interesting, good design, sturdy.




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