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The machine is the first model of lever machines produced by CONTI, named Comocafè  recognizable from the characteristic boiler in Pirex. Has many similarities with La Peppina model produced by FE-AR in the same period

It 'was produced in March 1965 as engraved on the heating element and has no serial number.



The brand Comocafè is engraved on the back and on the bakelite cap, in groups of two letters.


Technical specifications:




dimensions (HxWxD)


0,9 l


700 W

374cm x 19 cm x 28 cm

3,9 kg


Some similarities with La Peppina




piston operated by a lateral  lever


articulated  lever




shower fxed with 3 screws






The boiler is made by Pirex



The element is very simple and there is also a thermostat, adjustable with a screwdriver



The machine can be dismounted as La Peppina


Can be used some of the gaskets for La Peppina.


The machine was purchased in France, thanks to  Lucio and  Francois. It is in good condition.



It was not easy to remove the body of the machine to access the piston, due to long inactivity and the deterioration of seals. The aluminum piston was also scratched due to rubbing against the walls



Note the thin o-ring at the base of the piston

The first shot for the time is waiting...



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