FE-AR - LA PEPPINA version 700W steam pipe (sn 6 02)




The machine was produced by FE-AR Milano in 70's and has the serial number 6 02 (engraved under the base).


Is it the third version produced by the FE-AR. Compared to earlier models presents the following differences:

·         cap boiler airthight

·         steam pipe

Technical specifications:

·         capacity 0,8 l

·         voltage 220V

·         watt 700

·         dimensions 36cm x 26 cm x 22 cm

·         weight 3,5 kg


The machine is  dismantled easily by unscrewing partially the screw that is located in the rear.



cap boiler with steam pipe

pot enamel


group and shower plate

holder filter

double filter basket

ejection device plug

power cable




drip tray




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