FAEMA BABY 70s blue (third version)


   The machine was produced by Faema in 70s. Hasn't serial number and is characterized by aluminum handles.

Is it in excellent condition, complete, with instructions and measuring spoon, appears to have been never used..



Technical specification:

·         dimensions 30/50 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm

·         weight 1,25 kg

The machine has piston actuated by a couple of levers. Pushing the two levers to the bottom, the piston descends in the filter, previously filled with boiling water, and pushes the hot water through the shower plate.


Can be disassembled by unscrewing the two screws that hold the body that houses the piston and lever.

To make the coffee I followed the following steps: I filled the tank in mid-water and inserted the plug. After about 10 minutes the water began to boil. I removed the plug, put the coffee in the filter and pressed with the tamper. I then inserted the holder filter, pushed the levers down, waiting a few seconds and then I slowly released the levers.  

Definitely is original the idea of a system that makes coffee without a power supply, and with heating the water separately.

Can be disassembled by removing the clip on the rear of the bolt that fixes the levers on the body machine.



Bolt for fixing the levers

Aluminum levers

Piston, gasket and bolt

Filter basket and tamper

Holder filter

Measuring spoon with brand Faema

Body machine

Sub-base with rubber foot




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