ultrarare model for household - year 1955



In the early 50s every electromechanical company, great or small, famous or unknown, has developed and produced one or more models of coffee machines for domestic use, whose main characteristic was the presence of one or two levers aimed at operating an internal piston.

Most of these machines, more or less rare, are well known to collectors, and even if they have seen over time only one of them, as the Chic Sprint, the PAR or Raymond, the few photos available give concreteness to their existence anyway

Waiting for the next book by Enrico Maltoni (COFFEE MAKERS Published by Enrico Maltoni's Collection), which will be entirely dedicated to coffee makers and their history, and from which, as a collector, I expect a few surprises, I was flipping through his ​​latest work "Faema Espresso 1945 -2000 ", which tells the experience of FAEMA from the beginning to the present day. At one point I came across a photo footage that left me somewhat perplexed. In the first row, followed by a slew of more common "Faemina", a machine never seen, that I was immediately intrigued. Perhaps a prototype put there for the occasion?

How do I get some information about it? Obvious. I asket to the author of the book, Enrico, who surprisingly has flooded me with unexpected information. Here is what ...

" thanks to the testimony of a former worker Faema, I came to know that this machine was actually produced in a limited number of copies, not more than one hundred, but high production costs caused its end.

It was a very innovative machine for those times, provided with pressurestat which interrupt the power supply to the achievement of the operating pressure and with the possibility of connection to the mains domestic water through a hole located under the boiler

You can find more details in the original patent filed in 1955 by the owner of FAEMA Ernesto Valente. "


What's more? Unknown machine ... if you're there ... knock once and let them see, we're the same age ...

 torna!   'sta casa aspetta a te! (come back! This home awaits you!)



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