www.francescoceccarelli.euMARCFI - model Europiccola november 1969



The machine is the first model of lever machines produced by MARCFI, recognizable from the switch with little lever and the absence of the cap on the sight glass level and has many similarities with the Europiccola model produced by Pavoni in the same period

It 'was produced in November 1969 as engraved on the heating element and has the serial number 830.

Note the brand La Pavoni engraved on the heating element.



Technical specifications:




dimensions (HxWxD)


0,9 l


225W + 800 W

37 cm x 16 cm x 27 cm

5 kg


It is distinguished from Europiccola for many details, including the main:




boiler cap longer and made of two pieces fastened by a screw


shape of heating element




group fixed to the boiler with 4 bolts


heating element fxed to the boiler with 6 bolts




shape and dimensions of the boiler

shape of the switch



The base is slightly longer and the drip tray is more square shaped



The group is identical in components to Europiccola 60s and the shower plate is fixed in the brass sleeve



The machine can be dismounted more easily than a Europiccola '60s, thanks to the group and resistance removable fixed with 6 bolts


Can be used all gaskets for Europiccola, unless the seal for heating element and the seal between the group and boiler, easily found in a hardware store


The machine was purchased in France, thanks to a remarkable view of Lucio and the brokering of Francois. It is in excellent condition and has been used very little.


The base and the lever was repainted in blue by hand by previous owner and during transport had missing several points

so i operated with much patience, removing the old paint, sanding, rust converter, rustproof finish and hammered

and at last i restored the original color.



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