Olympia  Express Cremina 67

v.1.0 - year 1970 (sn 703817)


The Cremina 67 model was born in 1967, starting from the experience made with the europiccola model and with the aim of producing a coffee machine that exceeded the previous limits. The group is clearly inspired by europiccola, only with slightly differences in its internal components.

The resettable thermostat and the pressurestat are a real feature for those years.

Its line is decisively futuristic, compared with the machines produced at that time and has remained unchanged to date.

This first version has the power cord removeable.



label with technical data


Technical specification:




dimensions (HxWxD)


1,0  l


1000 W

32 cm x 20 cm x 27 cm

9,2 kg


The machine can be easily disassembled with standard tools










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