second model - sn 54642



The CAFFOMATIC second model differs from the previous model to the boiler in aluminum and not bronze, that lightens the machine of about 3 kg.
In addition, small aesthetic differences are found in the steam pipe and sight glass plate.


Technical specification:




dimensions (HxWxD)


1,0 l


1000 W

40/46 cm x 20 cm x 24 cm

6,3 kg


Externally, only the steam pipe and the grid do vaguely remember the Gilda, but once removed the external protection, all doubts disappear

very interesting the presence of the sight glass level

after disassembled and cleaned the machine


was necessary to find the seals to be renewing

the assembly of various components has required patience and precision to be able to realign properly the parts, and some trick, such as gluing the O-ring on the boiler to keep it in place



the machine is in excellent condition and has maintained its original charm over time



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