(how to replicate a holder filter missing)


Buy a coffee machine without holder filter is never a good deal because to find it used or compatible is often very difficult and expensive, but if the machine is the very rare Caffomatic the search becomes impossible.

But if you're lucky enough to have a friend full of resources you can make a replica like the original.

Required materials:

- A friend who will call pasquale

- an original caffomatic holder filter

- a foundry for bronze work

- a turner for the finish

- a factory for chrome plating

- a panel beater for processing the resin

- a paint factory for painting of the handle


We follow the various stages of production


STEP 1 - bronze casting

is the most delicate step, the mold is done on earth from the original holder filter and you have to wait that the foundry has enough works to turn on the oven, the result is a crude filter, with imperfections in the metal and burrs, but faithful to the original . In the photos on the left there is the original holder filter


STEP 2 - roughing and finishing

is the most difficult step, fully manual, with the file are deleted burrs, with a soldering iron are filled any holes in the metal, with turner is finished the filter basket housing


STEP 3 - chromium plating

the holder filter must be chromium plated


STEP 4 - handle

 for reproduce the handle, it is made a mold similar to original handle and is poured the resin in the mold


STEP 5 - painting

Finally, is prepared the paint similar to the original color and is painted the knob


STEP 6  - final assembly

an excellent result and a big thanks to the author of the work



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