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How to Operate, Maintain, and Repair Your la Pavoni Espresso Machine

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This is not a commercial site. I don't sell la Pavoni machines or parts. This information is intended for the home user only. The main purpose of this web page is to show you how to operate, maintain, and repair your la Pavoni. The instructions are for the Europiccola model. You can apply most of the information to the Professional model. The basic construction on both machines is very similar. The main differences between the two machines are that the Professional model is bigger, has a pressure gauge, and has an adjustable pressure stat for the boiler. Newer Europiccola models (1998+) now have pressure stats. A pressure stat is a device installed in the electrical circuit that maintains a constant temperature of the boiler water. There are always ongoing changes to any piece of equipment. Yours may be engineered a little differently, but you can apply most of the troubleshooting techniques to any machine. You should always go by the manual that came with your machine. Manuals for the newer machines can be found at the official la Pavoni site/Domestic line. Click on any model and it will have a link for catalogs, manuals, and schematics. The manual is printed in many languages. The schematic is printed in Italian, but at least you can see the parts that make up your machine. Pavoni has been updating their site recently. Not all of their links work as of this update but I am sure eventually they will get it all working.

I felt there was a need for this brand of web page since there is very little documentation with the machine on repair. There is also a lack of local repair places that are familiar with the la Pavoni and lack the necessary repair parts. I'm not comfortable shipping my espresso machine out hundreds of miles for repair, not including the additional expenses incurred. I'm confident that even with a little mechanical ability, this information will enable you to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your la Pavoni for many years to come. If you have no mechanical skills, get a friend who does, and is willing to do the repairs for you. All new Pavoni machines have a 1 yr. warranty. You may be able to get your problem fixed for free. Check your purchase date on your sales receipt.

If you bought a la Pavoni abroad and can't use it because it is wired for 230 volt you need to convert the machine to 120. There is another option. You could buy a converter 120 to 230 to use with your existing machine. I personally don't like 230 volt appliances in the kitchen because of the safety issue, especially if you have children! You could convert the machine yourself. I've never done it, but it looks like you would need a new power cord, power cord grommet, and 120 volt heating element. Contact a Pavoni dealer for exact information on a conversion from 230.

If you do not live in the U.S. and need parts or service, there is a listing of service centers throughout the world on the Official site of la Pavoni. Click on the link to get to the site. Once you get to the web page, it is under the Service Centers link. If you live in the U.S. and don't want to do your own repairs click on this link to locate the nearest service center near you. I have no dealings with these centers and cannot vouch for their work.

I do include a short discussion on the coffee that I use, and also the steps I go through to draw a shot of espresso. I don't go into the choosing raw coffee beans, roasting, or blending coffees. That's for another web page!

The SEAL REPLACEMENT section covers almost 100% of the repairs to the machine. Since this is not an official la Pavoni site all repairs done by you will be your responsibility! Now that that disclaimer is made, let me assure you that most of the repairs are pretty simple. Mostly, what you will be doing is replacing o-rings or the fuse. I will include photographs to accompany the text. Just click on the link to see a visual aid. It would also be advantageous to take pictures of your machine before starting any repair work. This way you will have a permanent record of what your machine looked like prior to a repair. This may help in future troubleshooting or repair work. Every part is replaceable on the la Pavoni. Few parts are expensive enough that you would think twice about repairing the machine.

I have added a Photo Gallery to the site. These are photos of Europiccola or Professional machines that people have sent to me. I would like to obtain photographs, (JPG or GIF), of any Pavoni machine that people own. A photo of inside the base would also be appreciated. Please give the mfg. date of the machine. This can be found inside the base with a stamp, sticker, or a handwritten date on the bottom of the drip cavity. I will give you credit on the page with the photo. Click on the mailbox below and attach them with your note.

This web site has grown more than I had initially anticipated. One reason for this is that visitors to the site have sent me photographs and information of their machines. Photographs (both inside & outside the machine) are immensely helpful in helping people diagnose the problem and fix their machines. It is impossible for me to own every Pavoni that was manufactured so I don't have photos and diagrams of every machine. Photos of machines that are in working order are welcomed. I try to give credit on the site when information is sent to me and is used on the site. Small bits of information may not get credit but it is still welcomed and it just improves the site. Improving the site only benefits the Pavoni owner and not myself.

I do include some links to other coffee sites. This page is by no means the final word on la Pavoni machines. Some will disagree with what I've said, but I can safely say that all repairs have been made by me. My machine is still running daily with no problems. Please read all of the web site before performing a repair. There is a lot of information to digest. This site is free of ads and popups and will continue to be as long as I own the site.The final disclaimer is that I have no monetary affiliation with anyone. All comments or opinions in this web page are strictly my own.

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