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avoid damages







Despite the high quality of the components and the use of various security devices, the following damages may occur to the machine, due to carelessness or negligence:

- Damaging the heating element

- Development of rust

- Deterioration of chromium plated surfaces

- Calcium formation 



To avoid damaging the heating coil it is important to check before turning on the power :

1.      The boiler cap is tightened securely

2.      The steam valve is closed

3.      The lever is positioned downward

4.      The water level must be within the visible range  

To prevent the development of rust:


1.      Periodically empty the tank Driptrays

2.      Wipe any deposits of water under the tank

3.      In case of extended-use empty the boiler, wipe any traces of water from all components and store the machine in a dry place

To avoid the deterioration of the chromium plated surfaces:


1.      Do not use abrasive materials 

2.      Do not use vinegar

3.      Clean with damp cloth or with polish metal if substantial deposits

To remove the calcium formation

1.      Use only water with a low calcium content, if possible.

2.       Decalcify the boiler on a regular basis or whenever the formation of a white dull surface on the heating coil becomes visible (open the boiler top, check heating coil with a flashlight). Only use recommended coffee machine decalcifiers.

3.      Light crusts are removed with ordinary lemon juice or white vinegar

4.      Let the solvent act overnight, then empty boiler content by turning the whole machine upside down.  Refill with clean water and rinse several times. Run one cycle with full water, but without coffee, thus cleaning the group and steamer tubes, too.







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