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...first, and thanks for being here! This site was created by chance, the result of unforeseen coincidences that led me to imagine something that was not there. It was September 2008. I became a beginner web master and I begun to make available the information I had accumulated over the past two years on the La Pavoni espresso machines, of which I fell in love after having purchased one. Until then, I confess, I do not even assumed to exist. And another year has passed to realize that the world was more varied than I imagined, and that from A to Z were still many things to discover. But without the interest, the cooperation and exchange of information I had and I still have with many of you, this would not have been possible.


You can contact me at info@francescoceccarelli.eu if

  • you have information, manuals original or historical models

  • you want to help me improve the site, indicating any errors or mistranslations

  • you want sell or trade a machine that is not in my collection

  • you have  difficulties in finding spare parts

please, do not contact me in the case where:

  1. you have already contacted me earlier asking advice or spare parts, and then you disappeared into thin air, because courtesy is a mutual duty

  2. you have a problem whose solution is already widely described in the site but annoys you look for it, why take away time from other requests

  3. you purchased by yourself spare parts and you have problems, because it is more correct to ask for assistance where you bought them

  4. you want a personalized service from A to Z, because you are so many and I only one

  5. you want advice on coffee grinders, coffee makers, coffee machines, automatic machines and everything that is not present in the list "A to Z", because I do not have any skills



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Special thanks to all those who contacted me to supply their experience and those who contributed more directly as

Alessandro from Roma, Willy from Bremerhaven, Eberhard from Tenerife, Daniel from New York, Enrico from Trieste, Paolo from Campiano, Massimiliano from Bologna, Michael from Ravenna(Ohio),  Rick from Amsterdam, Gerald from St.Martin/Innkreis, Stephan from Germany, Philippe from Paris, Lucio from Trieste,  Gabor from Budapest, Alberto from Carignano, Jack from Adelaide, François from Amiens, James from Wien, Pasquale from Savignano sul Rubicone, David from Montrouge, Domenico from Sutri,  Steven from New York, Aaron from SidneyMarcio from Sao Paulo, Marcela and Franco from Buenos Aires, Arrigo from Rome, Vincent from Reims ...and many others



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