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choice of the coffee powder








 To get a coffee as the bar, in addition to meeting the guidelines on preparation of the machine, is determining the type of ground coffee.

If you have a grinder that allows you to adjust the grind, then you'll be fine and after a few attempts you will be able to get a coffee as the bar.

If you do not have a grinder you have three alternatives:

1 - bar

If you want to play it safe bought at a bar in your confidence a little bit of coffee that use for them. The result is assured and you can focus to gain experience and dexterity

2 - roasting

If you buy it in a roasting, take small amounts and mark the grind. In this way, according to the result obtained, later you can request a different grinding

3 - supermarket

If you buy at the supermarket, not being able to choose the grinding, if you are not satisfied, you can just try a different brand







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