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shipping risks







If you have managed to avoid any surprises that can reserve the purchase based solely on the description, a few photos and some questions, often through no fault of the seller that is in good faith and has not always accurate perception of possible problems, do not  be quiet, because the real surprise you will have after receiving the package. Indeed, if the package is not well packaged, if the blanks are not filled adequately, if there are points of the machine in direct contact with the package, the probability to have damage is high.

After the purchase you should specify asset to the seller what are the precautions that must be used in the wrapping of parcel, because once the damage has been, is it difficult to find a seller who faces up to its responsibilities.

Some rules to be observed are:

          no point of the machine should be in direct contact with the parcel (if the parcel is too small,  disassemble the boiler cap, the group and eventually the pressure gauge)

          all gaps must be filled with newspaper or paper packaging material (the machine should not move in the parcel)

          The cardboard must be sturdy enough not to tear easily (better if the cardboard is protected internally by polystyrene)

          The machine must be carefully emptied of water, otherwise the water during the transport can escape and wetting the cardboard and making it more vulnerable


Some examples of damage during shipping      

Descrizione: CIMG3330.JPG

In this case the cap was in direct contact with the box and a blow suffered during shipping has deformed the mouth of the boiler

Descrizione: CIMG0501.JPG    Descrizione: CIMG0684.JPG

In this case, the pressure gauge has suffered a stroke during shipping,  the upper glass attack  level has shifted and the sight glass level was broken at one end


Descrizione: CIMG1066.JPG

In this case, the coup has affected the safety valve that was deformed  down

Descrizione: coel.jpg

Shaft steam tap deformed







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