first version - may 1961


This machine is one of the first Europiccola, produced by La Pavoni , derived directly from the Co-Fer of which  retains some details.

It has the serial number 0285 and onto the heating element is  engraved the date of production 5 61. The logo is fixed with a screw to the base



 is characterized not only by the absence of the sight glass level, but even from few details that will modify after few months.

    cap boiler with central screw hidden by a red plastic cap

blue rubber of sub-base, blue label minimo-massimo, logo screwed onto the base


The conditions of the machine were great and disassembly revealed no surprises, just the c-clip ring was completely rusted and the seals were still elastic.


The brass sleeve is the strength of this model, ensuring thermal stability and exceptional coffee.


the brass piston has 3 holes on the bottom and 3 on the top, probably to relieve pressure when removing the filter holder.

the steam tap has the characteristic of not having a screw onto the knob, which is just screwed on the shaft


steam pipe and safety valve do not have specific characteristics

very particular is the red plug (which was removed the land pin)


the wiring diagram uses a ceramic connector that will soon be replaced connecting the power cord directly to the heating  element

and finally among the accessories included, the metal tamper and measuring spoon.


I am very pleased to have found the first model produced by La Pavoni and to have refurbished it to the same conditions of 50 years ago.





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