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The model Europiccola, born in 1961, has undergone many changes from the beginning to improve its operation, maintenance and safety.

The classification below is based on the most obvious changes, referring to the individual descriptions more detail about the differences between the models, in particular:

-  the first model is characterized by the group screwed to the boiler with internal brass sleeve and aluminum base

- the second model is characterized by the group attached to the boiler with two bolts without inner sleeve and the metal base painted or chromed

- the third model is characterized by the group with teflon sleeve, and filter holder and filters with increased diameter

model period description details


1961 EN - hybrid version hybrid version beteween Caferina and Europiccola
EN (sn 218)

(v. 1.0)

model without sight glass, blue rubber sub-base, metal logo, aluminium base

serial 0001-0400

EN (sn 0600)

(v. 1.0a)

model with adhesive sticker and ceramic hub

serial 0401-0600

EN (sn 1012)

(v. 1.1)

model with adhesive sticker

serial 0601-1100

1962-63   EN (sn 1362)

(v. 1.2)

model with sight glass with upper bolt

serial 1100-3000

1963-64 EN (sn 4253)

(v. 1.3)

model with sight glass without bolt

serial 2500-5000

EN (sn 4827)

(v. 1.3b)

1964-68 EN (sn 8683)

(v. 1.4)

model with drip tray and aluminium grid

serial 5000-A5000

1968-70 EN (A6137 )

(v. 1.5)

model with sight glass with upper cap

serial A5000-B0000

1970-73 EN (sn 31710)

(v. 1.6)

model with shower plate removeable and steel grid

serial B0000-35000

1973-74 EN (sn 40694)

(v. 1.7)

model with three-position switch and aluminium base

seriali 35000-41000

1974 EN (sn 50116 )

(v. 1.8)

model with three-position switch, and  plain steel base

seriali 41000-51000

second 1975-1977 EN (9/77 )

(v. 2.0)

model with group without sleeve and fixed with 2 bolts, plain steel base

serial  month/year

1978 EN (1978)

(v. 2.1)

model with double switch and plate minimo-massimo
1978-1983 EL (1982)

(v. 2.2)

model with double switch (white) and heating element fixed with 3 bolts
1984-1991 EL (1984)

(v. 2.3)

model with thermofuse and plastic sub-base fized with a screw in the middle of drip tray
1991 EL (1991)

(v. 2.3a)

model with diode for adjiusting power
1991-1993 ERH (1992)

(v. 2.4)

model with pressurestat, single switch and plastic protection of sight glass
1993-1997 EL (1995)

(v. 2.5)

model with steam pipe removeable for automatic cappuccino
1997-2001 ER (1999)

(v. 2.6)

model with piston in Ryton, steel heating element, thermostat resettable
third 2001-2007 ER (2004)

(v. 3.0)

model with new group and sleeve in Rayton
from 2007 ELH (2008)

(v. 3.1)

model with brass piston and plastic sub-base fixed from the bottom






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