second series - year 1977


In the mid-70's, La Pavoni, while keeping the philosophy of the original design, redesigned the model Europiccola, making several changes that affect almost all of the components: cap, boiler, heating element, base, group, piston, lever, switch.

This model remained in production in the period 1975-1977


The group fixed to the boiler by two bolts, makes easier the replacement of the seals,disappears the brass shirt inside and the characteristic bell shape. The piston is changed, as well as the portafilter gasket.

The lever is lighter, the bakelite cap is screwed inside the boiler, the sight glass retainers are removeable from the boiler.

The base is made of iron painted with the characteristic color of hammered bronze and the 3-position switch allows you to turn off the machine without having to remove the plug from the wall socket.


The heating element has a higher power and the switch at position I gives electric power to 200 W element, at position II to 800 W element







dimensions (HxWxD)


0,8 l


200 + 800 W

32 cm x 18 cm x 27 cm

5,5 kg


The machine can be disassembled for routine maintenance without special tools.



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