version 1.0 - march 1977


This machine, marketed by Pavoni in March 1977 (dated 12/76 on the heating elment), it is a model of transition from the Europiccola to Professional model

It was created with the intention of proposing a more advanced type of Europiccola, with the introduction of the pressurestat and the pressure gauge.

The heating element  has no fuse and is screwed directly on the boiler.



To allow greater space to the pressure switch, the base is increased a few millimeters and the boiler is elongated by 2 cm to give the idea of a different model.


This change also impacts on the sight glass level that is longer of 2 cm, as well as the inlet water pipe.


The switch is moved forward to space problems.



The result is a hybrid model with some non-standard features, such as sight glass, which will be put into question quickly, evolving in few months to the new version of Professional model as we know it now.


His purchase was quite fortuitous, the price was not inviting and it was not easy to guess that it was something special.


The wire was not original and the status of chromium in poor condition for which it was necessary to disassemble the machine completely.


The only problem was finding the glass level non-standard (15 cm instead of 13 cm) but fortunately was compatible with that of Elektra MCL.






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