sn 1001


Lever machine rare and unique, perhaps a prototype, branded Facchinetti. Is it in very good condition and fully functional.



Is identical in the number and shape of the parts to the Faemina, but each of them has been modified in a more or less substantial in order to be differentiated from the original.


For example, the sight glass and the ring are smaller

the sleeve has been substantially amended

the heating elements are separate and non-overlapping

 and so for the lid, the tap, the handles, the base, switches, etc..


On the left are the technical specifications

Regarding the serial number is assumed that this is the first or only machine produced, being unlikely that another 1000 have been produced before this.


Technical specification:




dimensions (HxWxD)


1,0 l


200 W + 800 W

40/46 cm x 18 cm x 30 cm

11 kg


The machine can be disassembled like the Faemina but you need a special key for the shower.









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