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change of the brass sleeve for Europiccola anni '60



The Europiccola produced until 1970, had his brass sleeve with shower plate built-in, not removable, recognizable by the brass edge


To remove the piston, it needs unscrew the shirt with a specific tool.



for those that want make a replica, here is the measures


To avoid having to unscrew the brass sleeve every time you have to do maintenance or cleaning, you can permanently change the brass sleeve from a

 first type non-removable shower plate to a second type with removable shower plate (used for the period 1970-74).


you need a removable shower plate for old group. The change can be made by a turner

the cylinder to the left is the original second type, the cylinder to the right is the first type modified on a lathe. The shower screen is a part that is still available for the second generation group. It fits on the first generation group.




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