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If you have a little patience and manuality,  you can solve alone those little inconveniences due to wear or negligence





   original tools   



steam tap anni '60 sight glass anni '60 group heating element
steam tap sight glass  sight glass cover burrs grinder Jolly
fixing the base      


repair pressurestat repair shower plate anni '60 make by yourself rubber sub-base repairing black plastic base plate

repair heating element

relocate the needle of pressure gauge restore the drip tray for machine 60s rust removal under base
new chrome on old europiccola anomaly thermofuse/thermostat repairing lever repair switch


insert filter holder spring mounting pressure gauge on Europiccola mounting the pressurestat on Europiccola anni '60 Cappuccino Automatic for old machines
change of the shower plate europiccola until 1970 bottomless portafilter how to increase the capacity of single filter basket new group  


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