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new chrome for an Europiccola anni '60



One day I find in my mail-box this message

"thank you for your web site....i have a problem...i want restore my old La Pavoni , I have this old La Pavoni and i like it, ( i send you 3 photos ) " end 60's", have you for this machine a complete service gasket kit ? or can you restore for me this machine??"

was writing me Philippe from Paris, and so began a little adventure, not without some unexpected but at the end with great mutual satisfaction


After a few days arrives me the machine, partially disassembled, after all, is in good condition but Philippe wants perfection


so I am going to dismount , starting from the heating element and from the base


then I work on the group, which is always difficult to dismount


much effort to take off the old gasket, so hard as to require a lot of patience and then I unscrew the brass sleeve



then i remove the piston, the circlip, fortunately not rusty, washer and gasket



I break the sight glass level because is not possible to remove it from the upper retainer,  clean everything and put all the parts together for a full view


Finally, I unscrew the steam tap body, the valve body and select the pieces for chroming


I collect all the parts for renewing or adding missing parts


Bring the parts to a plating company on the outskirts of Rome. and after a few weeks i take back the parts


prepare all the parts for mounting


reassemble all the parts, not without some difficulty, and this is finally the machine restored and working, in its final destination


with his loving owner Philippe






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