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repair shower plate  Europiccola anni '60



The Europiccola produced until 1970, had his brass sleeve with shower plate built-in, not removable, recognizable by the brass edge


To remove the piston, it needs unscrew the shirt with a specific tool.


It may happen that for your inexperience or of the service center, we try to pull down the piston with effort from the shower plate,damaging it irreparably


It is not a rare event and even it happened to me with my first machine of this type. I took her to an Authorized Service Center in Rome asking for information on how to remove the piston. The young technician, displaying a degree of certainty, brought the machine in the lab. I can still hear the sound of hammering, given with the same energy with which a Katanakaji forges a katana. The young returned me the machine, with some satisfaction for having liberated the piston. Could not provide me instructions for repair and with the sad heart I came home. I then went from my not authorized service center near my house (my friend Nello) and with a scalpel we removed the sleeve smashed


I realized that I needed to organize to prevent a recurrence of this situation and with the help of a lathe was created a tool ad hoc..


for those that want make a replica, here is the measures


To repair the damaged machine of course the best solution would be to find a new sleeve. Can be used the first kind with non-removable shower plate or second type with removable shower plate (used for the period 1970-74)


If you do not have a chance to find a suitable replacement, it is advisable to modify the shirt damaged by a turner, so that they can use a removable shower plate for the old group.

the cylinder to the left is the original second type, the cylinder to the right is the first type modified on a lathe. The shower screen is a part that is still available for the second generation group. It fits on the first generation group.





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