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how remove the rust under the base



With the usage it may be determined under the base of the machine formation of condensation water, which in the long run can lead formation of rust. If you act promptly, you can retrieve the situation without too much trouble, otherwise rust becomes so deep  to pierce the metal.




The machine  in question had fairly deep rust on the front of the base, which is why the speech was challenging. We have to use  sandpaper of various grains (150 to 300), a rust converter (I prefer using phosphoric acid) and chrome spray paint to erase the various spots of the metal. It is not necessary to dismantle the base, perhaps it is useful to remove the heating element and cables to avoid clean after. If the rust is superficial, the action is obviously easier, sometimes just enough spray oil and use a toothbrush to clean the metal



Remove most of the rust with a brush metal

Continue with sandpaper  (180-280)

Apply a rust converter (phosphoric acid), allow to dry for several hours, use sandpaper again and repeat if necessary several times this operation

Once the rust is removed completely, use sandpaper (280-300)

Clean the base

Spray possibly the lubricant to clean the dust and dry with a cloth

close the various openings with masking tape

Spray a light touch of chrome paint to cover the various spots of the metal

paint again the most damaged parts and let dry





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