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repair heating element



One of the worst trouble that can happen on these machines is a broken heating element, especially if is screwed to the boiler, as in the models produced until the late '70s.

From the standpoint of the method of fixing to the boiler there are two types of heating element: screwed directly on the boiler (copper and brass - spare part not available)


or fixed with three screws on the ring that holds the boiler at the base (copper and brass or stainless steel - spare part available in steel)



If you need to replace a heating element fixed with three screws, there are no particular problems, apart from the high cost of the replacement part that doubles in case of heating element to four prongs. It is probably a specific trade policy of La Pavoni to make uneconomical to repair an old machine

  It 's a problem, however, if the heating element is screwed directly on the boiler, as the original part is unavailable. In this case you have two solutions:

- Use a heating element new model , after replacement of the ring that holds the boiler to the base (instructions)

- send the heating element to a factory specialized in repair.

The first solution is very expensive and fundamentally changes the original configuration of the machine. The second solution is relatively cheaper and has the advantage to maintain the original configuration of the machine.

I experienced some factories specialized in the remaking of resistance to immersion, but the best result I've had thanks to the availability of my friend Gabor in Budapest that uses a small company in Hungary with excellent results.

I did rebuild two heating element, a type with 4 prongs and screwed onto the boiler


and a type with 2 prongs and fixed with 3 screws


The repairing service is not more available, but for those interested to get a new  heating element, can contact directly Gabor at resistenza.60@gmail.com





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