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steam tap  Europiccola anni '60



The steam tap on Europiccola models anni '60 is characterized by the shaft screwed inside the knob.


The shaft is blocked by a screw on the knob, unless the early models (1960-61) that haven't.


The rubber shower ensures the proper closing of the tap steam and with the time it hardens. If  the tap is difficult to open or if there are water or steam leaks from the steam pipe, is the moment for replacement.

Dismounting the tap is often very difficult, because the hardening of the rubber washer, avoids the unscrewing of the shaft, furthermore forcing the unscrewing, ruins the threads of the shaft and not permits the extraction.

After ruined many taps, in an attempt to remove the shaft with pliers, I managed to find an optimal solution.

the pliers in the photo are used normally to tighten the metal clamps of the cages of rabbits. I accidentally discovered that the hole diameter of the pliers is the same as that of a tap shaft.

with the help of pliers unscrew the shaft is not difficult

remove the screw that holds the shaft

unscrew the shaft from the knob

with the help of a bench vise if it is too tight

clean everything, replace the rubber shower and reassemble the steam tap





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