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how make a rubber sub-base for machines anni'60-70



One of the most frequent problems that occurs on machines manufactured by La Pavoni until 1983 is the absence or deterioration of the rubber sub-base(after 1983 the rubber sub-base was replaced by a rigid plastic sub-base and screwed on the base).  The reaction of the rubber to the time and to the custom varies depending on the quality with which it was produced and environmental conditions. I found rubber sub-base produced 50 years ago more perfect than rubber base 20 years younger.  By the time you normally have to form cracks on the edge of the sub-base up to determine the partial or total detachment of the edge. In lucky cases the rubber hardens and remains integer.  Obviously the original spare part is out of production for over 20 years so, for solve your problem, I propose a simple and economical solution, the result of which you can see in the photos below. 



The idea is not original of course, already two years ago I saw sell on ebay rubber rings declared as sub-base for La Pavoni, but I had not given importance.
Among the various contacts I have with users from around the world, Gerald from Austria sends me pictures of his old Europiccola with a rubber ring instead of the sub-base.  For a couple of days I visited some hardware store without success until I found what I was looking for at my usual dealer of car parts.  Among the many samples of gaskets for cars that i examined, I found the thickness and height desired.

Here's the result.


-          Gasket for car (80 cm ca.)

-          Instant glue

           rubber sheet (optional)





verify that the tip of the seal is perpendicular to the cut, otherwise trim with cutter 


 starting to put the seal on the base on one of the sides, for the convenience


complete the placement on the base


make a sign with the cutter at the point to be cut


do the cut perpendicular


glue the two ends with glue rapid


allow to dry the ring made for a few minutes 


insert the gasket so to place the seam on the back


insert the whole gasket


For those not satisfied you can complete the basis by adding the rubber bottom.

Get a rubber sheet of thickness 1.5 mm of the type used to make gaskets


put instant glue on the bottom edge of the rubber


put the machine on the rubber sheet


wait a few minutes and cut it according to the shape of the base


make 6 holes in the rubber for ventilation


the sub-base is finished


insert on the base


and in a few minutes you will have solved a little problem aesthetic and safety






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