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how restore the drip tray on machines anni '60



 The machines produced during the years 1964-1973 were provided with drip tray inside the base of aluminum and protected by a grid with square holes.

With the usage is inevitable the deterioration of paint how shown in the photos.

Is can restore the paint pretty in way simple and quick as you can see from the photos, in the first drip tray the paint is missing on the edge and on the bottom, in the second drip tray the paint is missing only on the bottom


CIMG4772 CIMG4785

BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER



BEFORE                                                                      AFTER


In the bottom of the drip tray usually there is the total absence of paint while on the walls there are residue irregular that should be removed with sandpaper before painting.  Initially paint the drip tray with anti-rust, then use paint hammered and a transparent varnish for added protection.
Remains a bit of contrast between the paint new, more uniform than the old yellowed by time, but with the grid the difference is not noted.
Of course with the same system is it possible repaint the entire basis particularly if the paint is missing in more parts, otherwise is better leave it with original paint.


-   anti-rust paint spray

-   hammered paint spray

-   transparent paint spray

-   adhesive tape

-   sandpaper (320)



-   15 minutes ca.

CIMG4778   CIMG4781CIMG4791.JPG




Sand the part to be painted to remove the roughness and the old paint


protect the edge of the tray with adhesive tape


Complete protection


protect the other parts with newspaper sheets


spray the anti-rust in a different angles


after few minutes, spray paint hammered in a similar manner to the previous


Allow to dry a few minutes and spray the varnish transparent


let dry a few minutes before removing the masking tape





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