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sight glass seals Europiccola anni '60



The upper retainer that holds the sight glass has undergone changes designed to facilitate maintenance. While the machines produced in 1962 have a cap screwed, the later machines have the upper retainer without the cap that allowing the introduction of the glass.

anno 1962

anno 1963-1968

from 1969

Over time the gaskets harden and there may be losses of water. You can temporarily solve the problem with further tightening the nuts.

To replace the seals, remove the sight glass. The old glass can not be reused because it has a diameter less than the current parts and therefore does not fit the new seals.

To replacing seals you need a new glass and 2 new seals.

Unscrew the two nuts with a wrench 17


with the help of rubber gloves, turn the glass pushing it upward until it is released completely from the lower retainer

to tilt the sight glass sideways, but if the seals have lost their elasticity, almost certainly the glass will break. If you want to save time I suggest you break it without try to removing it. Remove the brass washers and the old gaskets with the aid of a screwdriver. To remove the hardened rubber seal may be useful pushing with a screwdriver rotating counterclockwise

Clean the parts to be reused and collect all the parts need for mounting

it may happen that the new glass is longer than the original, in this case you should seek the help of a glazier to shorten it about one mm

insert the new seals and washers in the retainers

prepare the sight glass with the protection and nuts inserted in the right way

iinsert the glass in the upper retainer and then push down into the lower retainer

it may happen that the new gasket is not compressible and does not allow to screw the nut. For this I recommend to reduce the thickness with a cutter.

Finally, tighten the lower nut and then the upper nut

fill with water, heat the water and tighten the nut if necessary





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