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a tale of ordinary madness



This is the tale of Mr. Beware who refused to use the brain and, as a modern Don Quixote, wanted to fight against the windmills.
It all began with the shipment of a coffee machine in a bad luck period, the christmas holiday

the machine had to cross the ocean and all the united states to get up in California. Unfortunately the christmas holiday caused a delay in delivery. The little man then lost his patience and opened a dispute on ebay, expressing in a polite and courteous way, his complaints, how you can read after

my answer

daveart50 answer

how is strange the world, two machines shipped the same day, the buyer "Goyathlay" writes "very attentive communication" and the buyer "daveart50" writes the opposite? Perhaps one of them has a problem?

yet I had given him all the information at my disposal, but the little man would not hear of it, maybe he thought that by living in Rome I could ask for help to the holy father?

ebay.com finally takes a decision and reimburse davweart50, demonstrating a great timing, that is exactly three hours after the machine had arrived at his destination

Obviously I appeal and ebay.com you realize you have made ​​a mistake and accepts the appeal

 but look who's daveart50. we look at the feedback left for others.

amazing ... 3 on 4 negative feedback. a gunslinger of negative feedback, a serial killer of negative feedback.



What luck that I got to meet him. only one, on hundreds of people who have given me their trust.  

John Steinbeck., in  "Mice and Men,, give Auburn literary fame, creating the unforgettable characters of George Milton and Lennie Small. David "Beware" has decreased a little.


note: all references to people and real events is purely coincidental

(thanks to Mr. Beware for his partecipation)





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