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Visit to IMS Company (may 2018)


Visit to La Pavoni Company (may 2018)


Cafelat Robot - manual coffee maker



a new friend...

Bottomless portafilter

a new way to make a good espresso

La Fenice: World's first Induction coffee machine

Electromagnetic induction coffee maker, can instantly prepare a perfect ESPRESSO and a perfect AMERICAN FILTER COFFEE

Nomad™: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine™

It may be the lever espresso machine of the future? seeing is believing

Paypal payment

how use Paypal without pay any fees

voltage transformer What to do if you have or want to buy a coffee machine with a different voltage than the supply in your home?
shipping from Italy What should I know if I buy an item in Italy?
Beware to daveart50 tale of a small mishap occurred for a selling





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