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...few, very few indeed. For choice, lack of space, incompetence and innocent delay.

A world already well documented with skill and passion by  Lucio, Andrea, Ugo and others collectors, with whom I don't want and I can not compete.

For fifty years I have lived with my eyes blindfolded, screwing every morning the classical Bialetti moka, filling water up to the safety valve, putting a mound of coffee on the basket and waiting for the first and only drops coming out. The flow of cold water on the basis of moka, for some unfathomable reason, facilitated the coming out of coffee, with a result that I don't intend to comment. Sugar and milk then, spoofed the insane drink, put pitifully an end to the hasty and propitiatory morning ritual.

A sudden turn towards the world of espresso machines put an end to this darkness, opening to an unknown world, vast and partially undiscovered. And although the lever machines have me completely engulfed, I reserved a little space for some of the most intriguing coffee makers that have fascinated me with their shape and elegance.





Italia heating element

steam pressure

Italia stove topheating element steam pressure ATOMIC
Italia spirit burner steam pressure FIGLI DI SILVIO SANTINI    
Italia spirit burnerstove topheating element steam pressure LA PAVONI
Italia heating element

steam pressure


Italia stove top upside-down perculation LUPA    
Italia stove top

upside-down perculation

Svizzera heating element

steam pressure

Francia spirit burner upside-down perculation POTSDAM    
Italia heating element

steam pressure

Germania spirit burner perculation R.&C.G.    
Italia heating element

steam pressure

Italia stove top steam pressure VESUVIANA    
Italia stove top steam pressure VEV    
  power: fornello stove top,  resistenza elettrica heating element,  fornello a spirito spirit burner
  system: pressione di vapore steam pressure,  percolazioneperculation,  percolazione a capovolgere upside-down perculation



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