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The coffee grinders make their appearance in the fifteenth century, although their purpose was to grind the spices and specialize only in 1700 to grind coffee, until then, pounded in mortars. Over time, remain substantially unchanged and the utility of providing a freshly ground coffee has allowed the spread in every home. Although they were supplanted by the electric grinders from decades, have remained faithful to their charm and their usefulness and can be useful have one to use for emergencies or when the kids are asleep.

    Description Logo Note
Germania B.O. - oval coffee grinder oval shaped with powder tray removable from the bottom
Italia BG e COFF - rectangular coffee grinder rectangular shaped with metal tray
Germania Corona - cubic coffee grinder cubic with wood tray
Italia FB (tre spade) - crank

first type

crank coffee grinder, size 0
Italia FB (tre spade) - crank crank coffee grinder, like Peugeot, size 0
Italia FB (tre spade) - cylinder coffee grinder with cylindrical body that acts as a container for ground coffee
Italia FB (tre spade) - cubic grinder with cubic body
Italia Tre Spade - apple ball coffee grinder
Italia Tre Spade - mushroom mignon pepper grinder, mushroom-shaped






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