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refurbish a caravel is very easy, only  the VAM 1.0 has the piston not removeable and is a little bit difficult to insert the upper piston gasket

 how to replace the seals


troubles with heating element



Caravel Ursula (by francesco)

caravel ursula


caravel ursula rebuild (contribute by Adam Ward)




The Arrarex machines are no longer produced since the 80s, and original spare parts have long since disappeared from the market. To retrieve any missing parts in your machine (lid, drip tray, heating element, ...), a good solution is to buy a machine cheaply from which to take off the necessary spare parts, but pay attention to the exact model, because apparently all the parts look equal but there are a lot of differences and if you buy a kettle or a lid without check the model, probably does not fit, furtermore sometime also the same model parts are not interchangeable.

The spare parts more requested (portafilter, basket, heater, gaskets) are offered as replica by some sellers.

On request I can provide only the following parts:

    NBR gaskets: cheap commercial gaskets wich different size compared to the original ones but suitable Silicone gaskets: custom gaskets identical to the original ones, food grade  

VAM 1.0

piston type 1a

full kit NBR piston gaskets


 full kit silicone piston gaskets

piston type not removeable and without the small hole on the bottom

VAM 1.1

 piston type 1b

full kit NBR piston gaskets

 full kit silicone piston gaskets

piston type with hole on the bottom with smaller o-ring than later type

Caravel 1.0 - 1.2

 piston type 1c

full kit NBR piston gaskets

 full kit silicone piston gaskets


Caravel 1.3 - 2.0

piston type 2

full kit NBR piston gasket

 full kit silicone/EPDM piston gasket


Caravel 2.1 - 3.2

piston type 3

full kit EPDM gaskets


Caravel Ursula

Caravel Ursula (by francesco)

full kit EPDM gaskets

replica grid


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