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The Pavoni machines have been produced without interruption since the 60s and most of the spare parts are still compatible, but there are differences between the first, second and third generation so it is important, before buying the parts you need, to classify with precision your model. 

Type   period availability
First generation machines produced from 1961 to 1974 only few spare parts  available at service centers
second generation machines produced from 1975 to 2001(old group) most of spare parts  available at service centers
third generation machines produced from 2001 (new group) all of spare parts  available at service centers

All the spare parts available at service centers are listed in the diagram


The spare parts available can be easily purchased online at the numerous authorized service centers, list some of these of which I have had direct experience

https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/ - located in Italy

https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/ - located in UK

https://www.espressocare.com/ - located in USA

they ship all over the world and for any doubts about compatibility or shipping costs you should contact them directly.



Regarding spare parts no longer available (first and second generation) you can contact me. I have small quantities available for my needs which I can supply on request.

Below are the specific seal kits for each model, to know your model look here for europiccola and here for professional

Europiccola v. 1.0-1.8

standard kit

full kit


Europiccola v. 2.1-2.4

Professional v. 1.0-2.4

standard kit

full kit


Europiccola v.2.5.-2.6

Professional v. 2.5-2.6

standard kit

full kit


Europiccola/professional  (new group)

v. 3.0-3.1

standard kit

full kit


full kit
parts  available on demand

portafilter europiccola/professional bottomless old/new group including spring

single hole tip


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