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Caravel 2.0

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The Arrarex of Milano produced in the 50s - 70s a unique model of lever machine: the Caravel. The inventor, Dr. Emidio Salati,  patented his invention in Italy in 1956.

Initially the machines are manufactured with the VAM (Vetraria Ambrosiana Milano) brand and an effigy in the shape of crowned head. Subsequently, the model is called Caravel  with effigy in the shape of a caravel. Over time, the machine remains essentially unchanged, with slight differences in the handles and internal piston. .

In the late 70's production is adapting to the market with models "like bar ", while keeping unchanged the settings of the lever and the piston. Finally, the brand is marketed by Zerowatt but competition from emerging machines pump definitively closes the chapter "Caravel"..

Besides the basic shape and classic design, what has unique and inimitable this machine is its ability to be disassembled without the use of tools in a matter of seconds. It also the only lever machine on which the resistance is not immersion, but placed outside, under the boiler..

  VAM grey


the first model produced by Arrarex with brand VAM
  VAM  beige


model equal to previous, unless the piston with hole on the bottom
  VAM esportazione model produced for export with details in brass


intermediatemodel between VAM and Caravel
  Caravel first model - grey


the first model produced by Arrarex with brand Caravel. with shaped edge, button to release the boiler, metal button for power regulation
  Caravel first model - green


analogous to previous
  Caravel first model - grey


model with shaped edges, metal button to release the boiler, plastic button for power regulation
  Caravel first model  - grey


analogous to previous but painted with special design (orizontal scratches)
  Caravel first model - amaranth


model with rounded edges and lever to release the boiler
  Caravel first model  - green


model anologous to previous but with rare green logo sticker  (contributed by Jean-francois)
  Caravel first model - yellow


model with piston modified
  Caravel second model - red


model with handles modified
  Caravel second model - black


model analogous to previous with sticker on the backside modified
  Caravel second model - yellow


model with piston without seals
  Caravel third model - orange


model with piston without seals and lever handle modified
  Caravel third model - blu


analogous to previous with frontal power switch
  Caravel third model - red


  model without effigy of caravel



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