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The Professional model was born in 1976-1977, with the aim of having a machine capable of delivering a greater number of coffee than the model Europiccola and then be able to meet the needs of offices or small communities..

Compared to the model Europiccola has the following characteristic:

  •  the boiler is increased and can contain up to 1,6 liters of water

  • the gauge to control the proper pressure

  • the pressurestat that keeps constant pressure in the boiler

  • the thermofuse to protect the heating element

Has remained basically unchanged until today.

model year description details
first 1976-1977 Professional PN


transition model from Europiccola to Professional, with elongated boiler, pressurestat, pressure gauge, heting element screwed onto the boiler without thermal fuse
1977 Professional PN


anlogous to previous model with portafilter modified
1977-1978 Professional PN


evolution of the previous model with increased diameter boiler
1978-1980 Professional PN


model characterized by different switch and pressurestat
1980-1984 Professional PL


ccharacterized by the base chromed, heating element fixed to the base with 3 bolts, no thermal fuse (provided only on the machines for export)
1984-1990 Professional PN


model analogous to previous with plastic sub-base  and thermal fuse
1990-1994 Professional PL


model with sight glass protection in plastic and cap boiler  modified
1994-1997 Professional PDH


model analogous to previous steam pipe removeable and handles modified
1997- 2001 Professional PL


model with teflon piston, steel heating element , thermostat resettable
second 2001-2007 Professional PL


second series (millenium) with group changed with the introduction of a teflon sleeve, designed to enhance the thermal performance of the group and have a water supply temperature more stable than previous models
dal 2007 Professional PL


model analogous to previous, with brass piston, base and sub-base modified


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