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This section is available to those who, by necessity or for fun, has customized his coffee machine by making it unique. Share your creations with other desperate pavoni-owners






 two is better than one....

thomas clancey        

an ingenious system to keep everything in order and within reach ...if you are interest please contact tmclancey@hotmail.com

rob stone          


jay smit            

 he was fed-up with the lightweight base and small drip tray...




ricardo has friends tuning enthusiasts extreme...

kurt augustyns      

kurt give us original ideas to improve the efficiency of our europiccola ...

andreas bugram      

are certainly very colorful, the machines which andreas enjoys to restoring...

john bagnoli europiccola anni '60 con leva in ottone      

the John's imagination in decorating the base and the leverage created the europiccola... of Spiderman

nello cantagallo      

Nello wanted to customize his Europiccola with a thermometer and an indicator light connected to the heating element to measure the temperature of the water ...

antonello di maggio          

 Antonello has found this europiccola whose owner had endeavored to replace the base probably rusted

roberto sedoni        

how to insert the device for automatic cappuccino on a europiccola 60s

douglas perlo            

an American tourist has discovered among the ruins of Pompei a Professional petrified after the eruption of Vesuvius ...



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