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Zacconi Gaudenzio of Milan produced in the 70s - 90s , with the name of Riviera Espresso, two models of lever machines, the first one with piston manually operated and the second one with piston actuated by a spring.

The model with piston manually operated is recognizable from the lever positioned down and from the cap with safety valve with its characteristic elongated.

The model with spring piston is recognizable from the lever positioned upwards and from the top cover which has two variants, with flat lid in bakelite or with dome surmounted by an eagle.

The machines are distinguished by the quality of materials used (stainless steel and brass) and reduced maintenance requirements. The weight is substantial (from 7 to 9 kg) in relation to the size, sign undisputed of quality and robustness.

After a period of inactivity, the mark was reintroduced by Zacconi Workshop, founded in 2005 with the aim of continuing the path of quality and professionalism that for over thirty years of activity had marked the "Zacconi Gaudenzio.

The Zacconi Workshop continued te production of the Riviera Espresso with manual piston (renamed in Baby Lusso and Baby Big), and the model with spring piston (Riviera Espresso).

Has produced two model for Artè s.r.l. and one model Arte of Poccino  marketed in Germany by Poccino with the lion of San Marco on the cap.

out of production Description    
  Riviera Espresso (baby) piston without spring, out of production
  Riviera Espresso (bakelite)   piston with spring, out of production
  Riviera Espresso (eagle) piston with spring, out of production
  Riviera Espresso

2 groups

  rare machine with two groups

(reported by Dr. Gary)

current production      
  Espresso baby   piston without spring
  Baby big   piston without spring
  Riviera   piston with spring
  Arte di Poccino Arte di Poccino   model produced for 

Poccino (Germany)



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