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The Olympia Express was founded in Chiasso in 1928, is a small family company which carries out the design and manufacture of coffee machines for restaurants or community. In 1960 he began producing coffee machines for home use that will continue with increasing success to the present day.

The first model marketed in 1961 and named Cremina is derived from La Pavoni Europiccola, with simple changes for comply more stringent safety standards: switch turned off, sub-base metal. The machines come directly from the Pavoni's factory, as evidenced by the serial number engraved on the group.

The sale covers the period 1961-1966 and are estimated 2000 machines produced.

Together with the Co-fer, Wunder and La Pavoni, are an interesting  quartet.

In 1967 was produced the first espresso machine designed and built completely in house, with the same name "Cremina". Characterized by the use of quality materials and careful workmanship in every detail, is the flagship production of Olympia and is defined as one of the more expensive espresso machines in the world. (however I tried it and according to my modest opinion the europiccola first model makes a better coffee at one tenth of the price).

In the 70s was produced a new model called "Cremina Club".  We can define the bigger version of the Cremina, with more power and tank capacity doubled. It is not affected by the overheating of the typical group of almost all the lever machines.


year photo description logo note
1961 cremina

v. 1.0

first version without sight glass

v. 1.0

analogous to previous with switch new type
1962 cremina

v. 1.1

(sn 222)

 version with nut on the sight glass (sn pavoni 2288) (contributed by Kurt Augustyns)
1963 cremina

v. 1.2

 version without nut on the sight glass (sn pavoni 4325)
1964 cremina

v. 1.2 (sn 983)

version with drip tray and grid (sn pavoni 6435) (contributed by Stephan Tschopp)
1966   cremina

v. 1.4 (sn 1739)

  version with logo modified (sn pavoni A268)
1966 cremina

v. 1.5 (sn 1917)

version analogue to previous with logo modified (sn pavoni A879)
1970 Cremina 67

v. 1.0

modello with pressurestat and power cable removeable
1971 Cremina 67

v. 1.1

model with pressurestat and power cable not removeable
1976 Cremina 67

v. 1.2

model analogous to previous with tap modified
1974 Club model  with power and tank capacity increased


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