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The MARCFI (Industrial MARCF s.l.), founded in 1957, was dedicated to the development, production and sale of coffee machines, grinders and other related products.

In the 60s and 70s appeared a lever model for home use, similar to the model of Pavoni Europiccola and with logo MARCF on the front named Picola. The same model was produced by MARCF, upon request, for the U.S. market where it was marketed under the brand  LA CARA.

The machine takes advantage of the fundamental characteristics of Europiccola, as the group with inner sleeve brass, glass sight, steam tap and steam valve. Differs on the details less functional , as the shape of the boiler and base and consequently of the heating element.

Anticipate also innovative solutions that La Pavoni will take on its lever models only years later, like the group and resistance to the boiler fixed with bolts. Another interesting feature is the boiler fixed to the base by the same bolts of the element, a solution that makes it impossible for the rotation of the boiler from the base, rather more frequent on Europiccola..

The MARCFI subsequently developed another model with characteristics very different from Europiccola, called La Graziella, characterized by an unconventional resistance set at the top of the boiler.

The production of domestic lever machines is limited approximately to the period 1965-1975 or even less and is estimated to be about 5000 units for Europiccola and the same for the Graziella, including the machines marked La Cara

The end of the production of the model, similar to other clones (olympia, wunder) it can be assumed due to a change in trade policy of La Pavoni initially favorable to the commercialization of its models with other brands. It 's interesting to note that the resistance is marked with La Pavoni brand, a sign that the first production of machines MARCF derived from a commercial agreement with  La Pavoni.

These machines are very rare and only in the U.S. you can still find some specimens under the brand La Cara.



first version

(sn 830)

model with single switch (minimo-maximo)

second version

  mdoel with double switch(turn on, minimo-maximo)
  La Graziella model with heating element mounted on the top plate


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