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 La Peppina v.3.0


La Peppina v.3.0






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FE-AR, founded in Milan by Felice Arosio, has been produced almost 30 years from the late 50's to the mid 80's.  The only model is that of a lever machine, minimalist in design and function.  It was also marketed by Carimali with the name of Piccolina.

The design of the machine has remained the same throughout the years with a few minor variations in cosmetics.  The early models had a more bulbous kettle which eventually gave way to a more angled geometric kettle in later years.  In 1980 the Termomatica model was introduced with a thermostat and double switch.


The Peppina has an open boiler with a lever, spring and piston mechanism.  By pushing down the lever, the spring and piston are depressed allowing a cylinder to fill with hot water.  By letting go of the lever, the spring/piston then presses the hot water through the coffee grounds.  The result is a very good espresso.  

It is the lightest lever machine manufactured, weighing 7.7 pounds (3.5 kilograms).  It can be easily disassembled in minutes and has just a few parts.  Being lightweight, none of the parts have a feeling of strength and durability,  but yet the machine has performed admirably over the years with many still in use today.

The charm and beauty of the La Peppina is in the genius and originality of the whole machine.  Beautiful, simple and easy to use.  It easy for us to forgive any shortcomings it may have.

1958   La Peppina zero model

(v. 0)

  model conforming to the original patent
1960 La Piccolina


model produced by FE-AR and marketed by Carimali

(sn 4124)

1960 La Peppina

(v. 1.0)

model branded FE-AR

(sn 4139)

1960   La Peppina

(v. 1.0)

model branded FE-AR

(sn 4165)

1960   La Peppina


  model with modified base

(sn 5016)

1959 La Piccolina


model produced by FE-AR and marketed by Carimali - 110 volt

(sn 4757)

1961   La Peppina

(v. 1.2) 

  model with different shape of the kettle and for the automatic ejector

(sn 9817)

1965 La Peppina London


intermediate model between the first (for the kettle and lid) and the second (for the base and grid)

(sn 04109)

1966 La Peppina MEC

 (v. 2.0)

analogous to previous model

(sn 69086)


La Peppina

(v. 3.0)

model 700W with new design for base, kettle, grid

(sn 85088)

1975 La Peppina NIB


model 700W with airtight lid for steam

(sn 5 07)

1976 La Peppina 

(v 3.1)

model  950W

 (sn 6 10)

1979 La Peppina


model  1100 watt - 110 V

(sn 8 04)

1980 La Peppina


model 1000 watt, lever and grid modified

(sn 1 05)

1985 La Peppina


  analogous to previous with part black painted and plastic drip tray
1978 La Peppina Termomatica model 1000W with thermostatic control



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