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The Jata in the 60s and 70s produced some models of lever machines, the Typ707 and Typ708, replicating similar models produced by Zerowatt (CA707 and CA708) in the same period, from which they differ aesthetically for the lid of a different color than the body of the machine.

The Jata brand is still on the market: "Electrodomésticos JATA was set up, as a family company, in the year 1943. Its name comprising the beginning and end of the name and surname of the founder Jacinto Alcorta. The company's first headquarters were located in Eibar, Guipúzcoa, becoming a leading firm in the integral manufacture of small electrical appliances up until around 1980, when the family decided to leave the business. At this point the full control of the firm passed to the workers, who set up a Workers' Limited Company, under the name Electrodomésticos Eibar, S.A.L. This would later become another company, Industria del Pequeño Electrodoméstico, S.A.L., which closed definitively in 1989 when it was acquired by a group of individuals with links to the sector, giving birth to the current JATA, S.A."

You can still find well-preserved specimen in Spain.


  Photo Model Logo Note
  Jata modelo n. 707 model with piston without spring analogous to  Zerowatt CA707

v. 1.0

  model with piston and spring analogous to Zerowatt CA708

v. 1.1

model analogous to previous with plastic lid and  portafilter without spouts



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